Interior Detailing


Make Your Car Look and Feel Like New

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Maintaining a clean and well-kept interior is essential for your car's longevity and the comfort of your passengers. If your car's interior looks gross and neglected, count on Lucid Detailing LLC to revamp your ride. We provide interior detailing services in Byron Center, Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding areas. Our company can spruce up your seats, carpets and surfaces to make your car feel and look brand-new.

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Choose the right detailing package for your needs

If you want to revitalize your car's dingy interior, Lucid Detailing can help for a reasonable price. Our interior detailing services in Byron Center & Grand Rapids, MI are second to none.

We offer:

  • Basic interior cleaning ($149) - this includes carpet and crevice cleaning, vacuuming, trim and door panel wiping and glass cleaning
  • Ultimate interior cleaning ($199) - this includes steam cleaning, headlight spot cleaning, carpet extraction, deep shampooing and conditioning, pet hair removal, leather cleaning and doorjamb cleaning

We'll be glad to discuss our interior detailing packages with you to help you make the best decision for your car and budget. Contact us today to arrange for vacuuming, steam cleaning and pet hair removal services.