Headlight Restoration


Don't Let Foggy Headlights Threaten Your Safety

Hire us for headlight restoration services in Byron Center & Grand Rapids, MI

If your car's headlights are faded and foggy, it's important to get them restored so you can see clearly at night. Let Lucid Detailing LLC spruce up your headlights. We have over five years of experience providing headlight restoration services in the Byron Center & Grand Rapids, MI area.

For $75, you can access our three-step restoration procedure that includes wet fanning, compounding and polishing. This detailed process also comes with a two-year warranty if you opt for a ceramic coating finish.

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Treat your dirty engine bay to a spa day

Your car's engine bay consists of many essential pipes, fluid reservoirs and batteries. It's important to keep this area in tiptop shape to prevent car problems from catching you by surprise. If your car has seen better days, rely on Lucid Detailing for engine bay detailing services in Byron Center, Grand Rapids, MI or surrounding areas.

We can seal and protect your engine bay with our top-of-the-line water-based dressing. We can also remove all kinds of gross oil, dirt and grime to improve your engine bay's appearance and functionality.

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